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GoZ for LightWave

GoZ requires LightWave 11.6 or higher.


The GoZ bridge to LightWave was created by NewTek rather than by Pixologic.  All support for it is provided by them, rather than by us.  The information below is provided for your convenience but if you need any further info please contact NewTek's support directly.


ZBrush "out of the box" doesn't have built-in support for LightWave.  It is LightWave itself that supports GoZ.  On Windows, LightWave will normally install the necessary files for GoZ automatically.  However, on the Mac side this is not currently working correctly.  If you are using a Mac or if the automatic installation does not happen on Windows, you will need to copy a few files into the right location to activate this support inside of ZBrush.  

1) First, install LightWave.  The necessary files for GoZ are included with your LightWave installation.

Once LightWave has been installed, the GoZ support files are located here:

PC: C:\Program Files\NewTek\LightWave11.6.3\support\3rdparty_support\GoZ
MAC: ~Applications/Lightwave11.6.3/support/3rdparty_support/GoZ 

2) With NEITHER program running, copy both the "LightWaveLayout" and "LightWaveModeler" folders to:

PC: C:\Users\Public\Pixologic\GoZApps
MAC: MacHD:/Users/Shared/Pixologic/GoZApps  

3) Now launch ZBrush.

4) Go to Preferences >> GoZ where you will find buttons for LightWave Layout and LightWave Modeler.  From here you can have ZBrush find your LightWave applications or you can point it there yourself.  

5) You can now load a 3D object and use Tool >> GoZ to send the model to LightWave.  It may still be necessary for ZBrush to install a few more files when you send a model across for the first time, but this will be automatic.  Once you have sent a model to LightWave successfully you will then be able to use LightWave to send models back to ZBrush as well.

As stated above, if you need further support on this subject please contact NewTek directly.

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