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Wacom Bundle - How to Get the Copy of ZBrushCore

For most ZBrushCore purchases, you receive a download link and serial number by email as soon as you purchase.  However, things are different for the Wacom Bundle which includes ZBrushCore.

First, digital download is not available at time of purchase.  You will not be able to download ZBrushCore until you have received the package containing the bundle.  

At that point, Wacom will provide you with a CD Code to use on our website.  This will generate your ZBrushCore license, providing you with the download link and serial number.  

The attached PDF provides illustrated step-by-step instructions for how to register your Intuos3D tablet with Wacom and recieve your CD Code.  To avoid any issues, please follow the instructions carefully.

IMPORTANT:  Redeeming the CD Code will give you ZBrushCore, which is actually no longer supported.  You will not be able to activate it.  After you have redeemed the code, log into My Licenses and click the button to Upgrade to ZBrushCore 2018.  This is a free upgrade.  After you have upgraded your license, My Licenses will allow you to download the ZBrushCore 2018 installer.  

WARNING REGARDING SECOND HAND PURCHASES:  The ZBrushCore software bundled with the Intuos 3D tablet is licensed to the person who registers the tablet and redeems the CD Code.  Once that CD code has been redeemed, the license is no longer able to be transferred to anyone else except where required by law.  See our License Transfer policy.  This means that if you have purchased an Intuos 3D tablet second hand, you most likely will not be able to receive ZBrushCore as that license is still owned by the original purchaser of the tablet.

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