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What is the Pixologic ID?

Pixologic ID is a centralized login system that covers nearly all Pixologic systems.  Its purpose is to provide you with a single login, making your life easier.

The Pixologic ID system is used for:

The Pixologic ID system is not used for:

All new purchases or Trial registrations of ZBrush/ZBrushCore 2018 and above automatically have a Pixologic ID created as part of the registration process, including when redeeming your CD Code from a reseller.  

For existing customers prior to the release of ZBrush 2018 it is a little more complicated.  If you have used My Licenses then you have a Pixologic ID.  If you have not used it before then the easiest way to test would be to go to My Licenses and click the "Forgot Password?" link.  When asked for your email address, use the same address that your ZBrush licenses are registered under.  If a Pixologic ID exists you will be given the option to reset your password.  If none exists yet, click the Register link at the upper right corner of the page.  You can then create your Pixologic ID -- again, being sure to use the same email address that is associated with your licenses.  Once your Pixologic ID is created, all systems will sync up and you will have full access.

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