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KeyShot 9 GPU Rendering

A very interesting bit of news is that KeyShot 9 has a feature that allows GPU rendering.  However, this is only compatible with the new generation of Nvidia graphics cards – those that support RTX.  Even with those cards, it will not be very useful for most users due to the amount of RAM required.  Most RTX capable cards are gaming cards, which don’t have sufficient video RAM.  But for enterprise customers running the expensive Titan and Quadro cards, it will be a potential benefit.

The most common question people will likely have when they hear about this is, “Will CPU rendering be going away?”  The answer is a resounding no.  Probably 99.9% of users will not have a compatible card and so will continue to use the standard CPU rendering.  But for those few users that have the necessary cards, it’s an option.

If you attempt to use GPU rendering and your card does not have sufficient video RAM the result can include effects such as that textures do not load onto your materials.  In short, if you do not have a Titan or Quadro card, please do not enable GPU rendering.  It won't work for you.

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