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How to Set Up Floating Licenses for Remote Access

Thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, an increasing number of companies and schools are needing to find ways that artists or students can access ZBrush remotely.

For our floating license (server managed) customers, this is actually very easy to accomplish:

  1. If your server has an FQDN you can put that in the 1seat.lic file. Just replace the host address that’s currently there with the FQDN. If your server doesn't have an FQDN, it's not hard for you to set that up and requires no support from us to accomplish. (A static IP address would work instead of an FQDN, by the way.)
  2. You then merely need to open TCP ports 2376 and 2377 in the firewall between your network and the outside world. You could use different ports instead, just by editing them in the 1seat.lic file that you give to the client users.
  3. You would deliver the ZBrush FL installers to your users, along with the license_ZBrush4_1_1seat.lic file and the FloatingLicenseDLL.dll and .lib files. Of course you would need to provide instructions for where to add those files to the client installation.

So long as your user’s machine has internet access, it will be able to use the FQDN (or static IP) to find the server and check out a seat. 

You can control access via the pixologic.opt file on the server. RLM supports editing that file to create an authorized user group and then add users to that group so that they and nobody else can use ZBrush. Instructions for how to use the ISV Options File in this way begin on page 68 at

If you have thus far only had clients on one platform (Windows or macOS) it is likely that you will now need both.  In that case, we will have to create the necessary .dll or .lib so that you can start supporting the other platform.  Simply submit a Support ticket to request this.

For some companies it may be necessary to configure a new server in order to allow this remote access.  For example, you may wish to set up a cloud-based server.  If this is necessary for you, please submit a Support ticket to request information on how to move your server.  You will need new license files to be created in this situation.

Please note that it is NOT possible for us to add temporary seats to your server.  Our floating license implementation does not include the capacity to time bomb licenses.  

The Pixologic team remains committed to ensuring the highest possible level of customer support, even in the face of this global crisis.  Our Support team is highly agile and was already adapted to be able to function remotely before the COVID-19 outbreak began.  Be assured that we will be here to assist you in navigating this changing world... at least where ZBrush is concerned!

Thank you.

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