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ZBrush 2021.7.1 Notes


  • Modified: File> Save As and Tool> Save As now remember the original location of the file regardless of any other file being imported.
  • Modified: BevelArc brush is now chamfer-based and will work with Sculptris Pro.
  • Modified: The use of Arrow keys in conjunction with IMM brushes and Timeline.
  • Fixed: 3D Layers that can cause a file with Undo History to become unable to load.
  • Fixed: Multiple Save and Export functions no longer remembering last location used on Windows.
  • Fixed: Knife brushes not working in some case with BRadius enabled with a small brush size.
  • Fixed: Flatten, Trim Dynamic, and hPolish brushes causing seam at symmetry intersection.
  • Fixed: Dynamesh Create Shell Thickness slider disabled for multiple Lightbox Project files.
  • Fixed: ZBrush unable to launch when using “x64” in a custom installation folder name.
  • Fixed: GrabDoc functions causing ZBrush to hang or crash.
  • Fixed: MultiMapExporter(MME) merging maps and UDIMs.
  • Fixed: Saving and loading iMage3d GIF format on macOS.
  • Fixed: PLY export

ZBrush 2021.7 FEATURES


  • Design with Precision using the Knife brushes.
  • Store a point of view and swap back to it as needed with Stager.
  • Brush-Based Beveling
  • Use Stroke Interpolate to create stroke arrays.
  • Mirror Poseable PolyPaint and Mask on topologically symmetrical meshes even after they've been posed.
  • Adjust Last brush stroke to change its color or shape without having to redraw it.

Other Additions

  • Palettes can now be scrolled up and down with the mouse wheel.
  • Mask by Changed Points will allow the last stroke to be converted to a mask. This can also be used with Undo History to apply a mask to all strokes made after the marked undo point.
  • PolyGroup by Changed Points will allow the last stroke to be converted to a PolyGroup. This can also be used with Undo History to apply a PolyGroup to all strokes made after the marked undo point.
  • BoostMask and DiluteMask features provide further options for refining the shape and intensity of an existing mask.
  • The Regroup Visible option assigns new PolyGroup IDs to the existing PolyGroups in your visible mesh.

Complete Notes

  • Added: BevelArc and BevelFlat brushes
  • Added: KnifeCurve and KnifeLasso brushes
  • Added: Regroup Visible button to PolyGroup palette
  • Added: BoostMask and DiluteMask options
  • Added: Added Stager feature to Geometry palette
  • Added: AdjustLast Stroke to Stroke palette
  • Added: “Mirror to poseable Symmetry” and “Flip by poseable Symmetry” to PolyPaint palette
  • Added: “Mirror by poseable Symmetry” and “Flip by poseable Symmetry” to the Masking palette
  • Added: MultiMapExporter updated with new options to set which UDIM maps to export and exclude SubTool names from file names.
  • Added: Image Plane has new Model Opacity toggle to quickly turn model opacity on/off
  • Added: “All to Home” and “All to Target” functions to the Tool >> SubTool menu in support of Stager feature
  • Added: Interpolate and Strokes Count functions to Stroke palette.

  • Modified: Multi-Curve brushes will not merge lines if the intersection has more than two points
  • Modified: Multi-Curves can be Auto-Smoothed when Alt-dragged to remove unused segments
  • Modified: Export Options moved into Preferences, making them a global setting that can be stored in the Custom UI and retained at startup
  • Modified: Bend Curve now automatically orients itself to the longest dimension of a mesh
  • Modified: Replay Last and Replay Last Relative moved into the main Stroke palette from its Modifiers menu
  • Modified: Mouse Average, Stroke Jitter, and Brush Imperfection moved into Stroke >> Modifiers
  • Modified: Keyboard Left/Right Arrows can now be used to select between IMM Brush meshes
  • Modified: Saving/Importing/Exporting will now return to the folder from which the file was originally loaded (NOTE: This feature is not working properly in Windows at the moment.  It will be fixed in an update.)
  • Modified: Lazy Mouse now OFF by default for normal Selection and Masking Lasso brushes

  • Fixed:  Rendering artifacts when resizing the ZBrush window
  • Fixed:  Alignment when moving a palette to the right or left tray. ZBrush will now make sure that the top of the palette is visible within the tray
  • Fixed: Alembic export point order corrected
  • Fixed: Corrected issue with certain plugins causing the model to be dropped to the canvas while using Space Mouse
  • Fixed: ZScript commands - IClose, SIN & COS
  • Fixed: Smoothing brush now works as intended with Backface Masking
  • Fixed: Corrected sensitivity issue with TransPose Action Lines


ZBrush 2021.7 is a FREE UPGRADE for all registered ZBrush users.  

Upgrading (Existing ZBrush Users)

Please see our Knowledgebase Article for detailed instructions on how to upgrade, based upon your license type and current version number.

Mac users please note: When upgrading to 2021.7, make sure your operating system is 10.11 or newer.

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