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(Legacy) 6-Month Subscriptions Discontinued

Effective 2 Feb 2022, six-month subscriptions have been discontinued and replaced by annual subscriptions.  The total cost per year is unchanged.

If you have a six-month subscription, it is no longer possible to edit payment.  The subscription will continue only until such time as you cancel it, your current payment information expires, or a payment is declined.

Six-month subscriptions now state in My Licenses that they are "discontinued."  You will be able to use the remainder of your current subscription term, and it will continue to rebill until a payment is declined.  Once the current subscription expires due to cancellation, declined payment or expiring credit card, it will not be possible to renew.

At that time, please do the following:

  1. With ZBrush closed, browse to its folder on your computer and use the Pixologic Licenses Manager to deactivate the software.
  2. Uninstall ZBrush.  The copy that you currently have is not compatible with the Maxon licensing system.
  3. Go to our online store and purchase a monthly or annual subscription.
  4. Use the Maxon App to install ZBrush again.  It will activate automatically.

Thank you for using ZBrush!

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