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Where to Manage Your License

Licenses purchased through Maxon are found on the My Maxon website:

Click Here

It has several sub-pages:

  • My Account - Lists all of your licenses, where they are currently in use, when they are valid until and more.  
    • The bottom of this page also includes a button to the Downloads page.  That is where you can download the Maxon App (recommended) or the ZBrush stand-alone installer.  We strongly recommend that you use the Maxon App to download ZBrush as it also automatically activates the software for you.
  • Profile - Use to edit your Email address, password, communication and other preferences.
  • Address
  • Payment Info
  • Licenses - Same as My Account
  • Order History
  • Subscriptions - Use this to turn off renewal if you ever wish to  cancel a subscription.
  • Teams - Only applies to Teams Licensing
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