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How Your Students Can Use the Trial During COVID-19

We know that many schools around the world are having to be locked down during the COVID-19 pandemic.  While the floating license system or offline activation of volume licenses are valid solutions for most schools, there are a few for which this is not suitable.

For this reason, we are providing another option to schools that cannot make use of the other methods:  Your students can use extended Trial versions.

Please note that we are only making this option available to schools, and the school must have been closed by COVID-19 preventive measures.

Here are the necessary steps:

  1. Each student must register for the ZBrush 2020 Trial version.  You can't do this for them; they will need to each register separately.
    • This is a brand new Trial.  Anyone who has run the ZBrush 4R7 or 2018 Trial will still be able to register for the 2020 Trial, using the same email address as before, or a new email address if they wish.
  2. The students will install and activate ZBrush.
  3. Each student must tell their instructor what email address they used to register for the Trial.
  4. Once all students have registered, the instructor will need to start a Support conversation and provide the following:
    • The Name and Location of your school.
    • The list of email addresses that the students registered with.  Ideally, this list would be in Excel format, but an in-line list would work as well so long as each email address is on a separate line.
    • The date that your current term ends.
  5. We will extend the Trial version for these licenses to the date specified.  Once this has been done, we will reply to your conversation with the instructions that your students will need to follow in order to trigger their copies of ZBrush to recognize the additional time.

Important:  Pixologic cannot accept any Trial extension requests that come directly the students.  It is simply not practical for us to attempt to process them on a one by one basis.  All Trial extension requests must come from the instructor and should provide all registered Trial email addresses for that class.  Thank you.

Thank you!

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