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Support Migration Information

The legacy support system for ZBrush is in the process of being wound down so that it can be migrated to Maxon's servers.

Please note that this will not affect licenses themselves.  All legacy perpetual licenses will continue to be serviced using My Licenses and your ZBrush ID.  Only the support systems are affected by this migration.

Through the end of February, 2023, it is still possible to open new conversations on this legacy system.  However, we encourage you to start using Maxon's System instead.  Simply click the "sign in to create a ticket" link.

  • If you are a legacy customer who has never used Maxon's system, enter the same email address that your license is under.  On the next window, click the link to reset your password.  After you have done the password reset, you will be able to log in.
  • If Maxon's system tells you that there is no account for your email address, simply register to create your account.  This can happen in situations such as where a subscription was canceled before we did that data migration last September.

Starting March 1, there will be approximately two weeks where it is no longer possible to create new tickets in the legacy system, but we will continue to work with existing tickets.  The goal will be to wrap up as many in-progress tickets as possible prior to the final data migration.

In mid-March, the legacy system will be fully shut down and all data will be transferred to Maxon, with the exception of that which is required to be deleted in order to comply with GDPR laws.

After the migration has completed, all support (both new and existing tickets) will be through Maxon's system.

Thank you!

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