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Banned IP or e-mail address

If you attempt to register at ZBC and receive a message that your IP address or email address has been banned, this is due to the massive number of forum spammers that have shown up over the last several months.  In order to help prevent spam from polluting the forum, we've done the following:

  1. Any time someone is caught spamming on the forum, their IP address is immediately blocked.
  2. The most common email domain sources of spam registrations (including many popular freemail providers such as gmail) have been blocked.

If you receive a message that you can't register because of these bans, the best solution is to register with a paid email domain such as through your internet service provider or work.  If that is not possible, please submit a support ticket.  Let us know what you would like your email address, user name and password to be.  We will manually create the account for you, bypassing the ban.

It is not ZBC's intention to prevent any genuine member from joining.  However, we do work hard to ensure that the forum is a friendly and advertising-free haven on the internet.

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