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IMPORTANT INFO FOR LEGACY SUBSCRIPTION USERS: All legacy subscriptions are being migrated to Digital River, which is the billing system that Maxon uses. To accomplish that, the rebilling is being canceled. Otherwise, you would get billed twice for the same product. Your subscription will automatically move to the new system. When your next renewal date arrives you will receive a message that your subscription has expired. This is because the legacy installation of ZBrush doesn't know about Maxon licensing. At that time, install the Maxon App from and use that to install the copy of ZBrush that will be compatible with the new licensing. From that point forward you will use My Maxon and the Maxon App to manage ZBrush. You will no longer use the legacy My Licenses and ZBrush ID systems. Thanks!

  1. Support Migration

    1. Support Migration Information
  2. ZBrush 2023 Upgrades

    1. ZBrush 2023 Subscription Upgrades
    2. ZBrush 2023 Upgrade Paths for Perpetual License Users
    3. How to Use Redshift
  3. Support General Hours

    1. ZBrush Support Hours
  4. Maxon Transition

    1. FAQ Regarding Maxon Emails to Legacy ZBrush Users
    2. ZBrush Joins Maxon Shop and Maxon One
    3. FAQ: Maxon Transition
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  5. Email Delivery Issues

    1. Not Receiving Emails from Pixologic
  6. Version Information/Notes

    1. ZBrush 2023 Release Notes
    2. ZBrush 2021.6.6 Notes
    3. ZBrush 2021.5 Notes
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